Pearl Harbor Symposium Archive

Here are video recordings of the presentations at our December 7, 2016 event commemorating the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. They are posted in the order given.  For the full agenda, click on the Events tab at the top of the page.

Mark E. Stille: “The Attack on Pearl Harbor: The Japanese Plan                                                            and the Planning Behind It”


Dr. Alan D. Zimm: “The Perils of Technological Transformation: A Critical Analysis                                 of the Attack on the Fleet at Pearl Harbor


Dr. Thomas C. Hone: “Steaming Toward War: Approaches to Pearl Harbor”             Trent Hone: “USN Tactical Doctrine: Systems of Learning”


Dr. Edward J. Drea: “Japanese National Strategy and Alliance Politics, 1920-1941”


John A. Rodgaard and Peter K. Hsu: “A Technical Assessment of the Combat Performance of the Japanese Midget Submarine Force at Pearl Harbor”


Professor Richard C. Thornton: “Axis Strategy: A Deception Game”


Dr. James D. Perry: “Operation Barbarossa and the Road to Pearl Harbor”

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